Our Grandmaster, Dr. Hodari Mqulo currently lives in his homeland, Johannesburg, South Afrika. Dr. Meeks is the chief United States instructor.

Training and academia to Instructor Level takes three to five years and includes: martial arts and science, wholistic medicine, Afrikan cosmology, Nguzo Saba, meditation, Afrikan yoga and Afrikan-Asiatic philosophy and spirituality.

The Moyo Nguvu style serves as a vehicle to preserve Afrikan/Afrikan-American traditions and value systems.

Moyo Nguvu Martial Arts Menu (Ubukhalipha)

  • Tai chi chuan / Qi Kung
  • Da Cheng Chuan Hsingyi
    (Yi Quan/ Tai Kiken)
  • Tien Shan Pai (Northern Shaolin)
  • Chung Chuan ( Long Fist)
  • Kupigana Ngumi, Shackle Hand (Kiungo)
  • Xhosa Zulu boxing, stick fighting, marching and chanting
    (isinaphakade samathongo)
  • Combat Capoiera
  • Kushikana/ Chinna (locking)
  • Skato, "52" (JHR)
  • Afrikan, Japanese, Chinese weapons
  • American Boxing
  • Mixed martial arts wrestling
  • Oriki & Orisha Dance

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The Moyo Nguvu Style

Kupigana Ngumi is a term that encompasses all systems of Afrikan (Tamerrian) martial arts, systemized by Nganga Tolo-Naa and Shaha Mfundishi in the late 1960ís. Moyo Nguvuís style as taught by Dr. Abayomi Obadele Meeks, includes the following: Kiungo Cha Mkono Pinga (Shackle Hand), Isinaphakade Samathongo, Boxing, Nígolo dance, Muslim Boxing, Grappling, Wrestling and Weaponry. Traces of Korean/ Japanese/Chinese/ Burmese forms are evident.

Isinaphakade Samathongo is an Ancestral esoteric warrior system from South Afrika. It is only taught at the advanced level and above. This system emphasizes combative techniques with a strong ethical philosophy. Serving as a vehicle for initiation into the warrior-priest caste of Afrikan Xhosa-Zulu tradition.

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